Below are the expectations for couples attending a Virtual CEE Canada East Engaged Encounter Weekend. Please review them to prepare for the best possible experience for you and your fiance.


  • The time and attention commitment for a virtual weekend is the same as a traditional weekend
  • Make arrangements as if you were going away for the length of the weekend




Other things that would demand your attention

  • You will be online for the duration of the scheduled weekend times
  • Schedule of the Weekend (for February – April will start Friday evening)

Saturday: 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM**

Sunday: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM**

**Meal breaks for lunch and dinner will be approximately 45 minutes


  • Reliable internet service is required – high speed internet preferred
  • You will need a device with a webcam (a cell phone is not recommended)

You can share this device as a couple, or each use your own

Our preference is sharing a device to make our logistics easier

  • Please make sure your device is charged/plugged in
  • We will be using Zoom to run the weekend
  • We will do a technology test run.
  • We will send a separate email with a link for this check-in

We anticipate the test run will last no longer than 45 minutes

Presenting yourselves online

  • Please dress as if we were meeting in person
  • Be mindful of your background
  • Arrange a comfortable workspace

We recommend sitting in chairs at a table or desk

Lying in bed would be inappropriate

Structure of the weekend

  • The weekend will consist of cycles of listening to a presentation, writing to your fiancé, and sharing with your fiancé.
  • Each cycle is 60-90 minutes
  • During presenting times:

A married couple and priest will share on a specific topic

Both of you will need to be onscreen for the length of the presentation

You should have your workbooks with you during each presentation as you will be expected to write in them during many of the presentations

  • Workbooks will be mailed to the bride’s address one week prior to the weekend start date
  • If you do not receive your workbook, contact us at or call Ginette 1-613-932-1360
  • During writing times:

You will be asked to separate to write – preferably in separate rooms

One of you will need to remain on camera during the writing time while you write

  • During sharing times:

Please be sure your microphone is muted

You can turn off your video if you wish

Be in view of your computer so you will know when time is up – we will be using a timer